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Welcome to Lilith Coffee Get seduced by Lilith! Embrace yourself and that beautiful dark side you have. Gobble down pancakes all day long? Well, Lilith has the best in Rotterdam. Want a breakfast in the afternoon? You are always welcome at our all day breakfast (coffee) bar. What are you in the mood for? A fresh cup of coffee? Read a newspaper? Maybe try our famous Eggs Benedict? Or our smoothie bowl with homemade granola and fresh fruit? Whether you want to sin and delve into delicious naughty food or go for a clean healthier choice, Lilith has everything to fulfill your every wish! She is not your ideal daughter-in-law, yet you are deeply intrigued by her. She doesn’t live according to the rules! Yes we're dark and we do whatever we want to do. And this summer, we have something special in store.Our new Lilith After Dark, as we continue on the Nieuwe Binnenweg where you can enjoy a cool beer on the terrace and eat dark surprising snacks in the evening. Coffee bar Anyone who walks into Lilith has the feeling they have discovered something special. Like when you find hidden pearls whilst travelling in foreign countries. Lilith begun as a pop-up bar, hidden in the Oude Binnenweg’s alley. After a while, she became restless and created another spot on the Kaap, where the seamen used to get seduced by ladies of pleasure. But Lilith is way more than that! You can hire our mobile coffee bar in the form of a funeral hearse for an event, party and social gatherings. Or our mobile Tikibar with delicious cocktails and smoothies. You can also find us on DĂK being queens of the barbeque with our BBQties.

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