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In the restaurant "Jimmy" I have had all kinds of clients and many have become great friends of mine. I remember that both taxi drivers, lawyers, politicians, military, students, parents, artists (like Celia Cruz, Raúl Vale and Cheo Feliciano for example) singers, boxers (Don Carlos Eleta paid meals for his boys), tourists and others They have passed and have eaten at "Jimmy" but my greatest pride is the great friends I have made at the restaurant. Among many I can mention Don Felipe Motta who taught me many things Don Federico Himbert, General Torrijos, Don Olmedo Miranda, Bobby Tzanetatos, my Uncle Pepe Sosa in Contadora, Anastasio Athanasópulos, Moises Vidal and my great friend and brother Demetrio Basilio Lakas and forgive me for those who know that they are my friends and that I do not mention them because they escape at this moment from my memory.

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