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RU: В двух шагах от станции метро «Горьковская» агентство Megre Interiors построило настоящий клондайк еды и отдыха. Серьезно проголодаться придется сразу же на входе, где раскинулся живописный бар салатов и соков: из пузатых яблок и ярких киви взбивают полезные смузи, под заказ режут салаты. Под велосипедными колесами на раскаленном тепане жарят баклажаны, против станции с воком цветет зеленая живая изгородь. Стены в ромашках соседствуют с ромашками в кадках: чувствуешь себя в парке и почти забываешь, что ты в ресторане. EN: Under hanging bike wheels, eggplants are being fried on an open stove and green fence blossoms just across from the wok station. Camomile-painted walls stand next to actual camomiles in vases – you almost forget that you’re at a restaurant, not in a park. Food park offers a trip to different countries and continents – here you can refresh yourself with a spicy gazpacho and munch on chicken with pineapples, have a soft honey camembert snack or dip a brown Chinese pastry into mint sauce. A pizza after a pizza rolls out of hot oven on a huge rake, a juicy burger is cooked on a barbeque place, sizeable potatoes lay on hot coals giving out a smoky smell. One’s head is spinning from aromas of ginger and cardamom by the Pan-Asian station – here pink shrimps are mixed with ripe mangoes, spring-rolls are being filled with tasty things, a mind-blowing India curry soup is being made. The food served here fits any taste and wallet – from affordable items to premium-level. Everyone will find something to like here. For those with exquisite taste, there’s a bar with expensive wine. Those of simpler taste can order more affordable drinks. There are gazebos for more private dinners, there are open spaces next to stations for more interaction and fun – where food is fried non-stop. All others will enjoy outside space, open terraces with smell of jasmine, exciting view of Petrogradskaya borough and ice cream from a colorful food truck.

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