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RU: Сквозь сувенирную лавку с балалайками действие уносит вас в анфиладу залов: «Зеленый», «Белый», «Бордовый» и дальше, где на баре горит огнем жар-птица. Ажурные кружева и жостовские подносы, ласково укутанные в павлопосадские платки диваны, гжель, и бархат, и абажуры из ситца — этот гостеприимный уют и спокойствие сочинили в Megre Interiors. EN: The menu is thoroughly Russian. The food is nourishing – pies, pancakes and dumplings. The food is high-profile – Astrakhan sturgeon caviar, mirror-like carp, moose stew. Traditional spirits or local wines would go well with milk mushroom cutlets soaked in sour cream. How long ago have you sung romances, engaged in a circle dance or played a shell game? Every Friday and Saturday night a Dinner show rocks the place. Cheerleaded by the gentle waitresses, guests are participating. During weekdays, naval battle game competitions take place, as well as dumpling-making master classes. Katyushas are always in for a compliment at “Katyusha” – as sweet as the feeling of home.

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