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Manjez Exclusive Villa is a sophisticated combination of traditional and modern located in the heart of Belgrade, known for its authentic, luxurious accommodation, friendly staff and professional approach to the guests, adequate for different types of visitors. Come once, you would come always. We are expecting you! What stands out in the offer is one of the oldest Belgrade restaurants, famous national restaurant Manjez, a famous place of past and present Belgrade bohemians. In the very pleasant ambience you can enjoy the best specialities of international cuisine and traditional Serbian dishes. During the evenings with the top quality vines and discrete live music we promise time to remember. Summer terrace facing the famous Manjez park will complete precious moments with your family, friends or business partners. Since its foundation, long back in 1936, Manjez restaurant has been gathering place of all the respectful persons of Belgrade, artists, politicians, leaders, officers, foreigners. Persons of different sensibilities and interests have chosen Manjez as their perfect place for spending time, having fun, but for the important talks and business discussions as well. It stayed so until the present days. Manjez is completely renovated and modernised but you can still feel spirit of the old, refined Belgrade. To all our guests we offer atmosphere of traditional Serbian hospitality, rich variety of international and traditional Serbian cuisine, selected vines and discrete music.

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