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Our company, which has been serving the Donut lovers with the brand of Dunkin Donuts which is accepted and loved all over the world in 2000, has left its Dunkin Donut's to provide a better service to its customers and has formed its own brand with 100% Turkish Capital. As a result of the increase in the demands and the increase in the number of our dealerships in 2013, the company's shareholding structure is known by the company's Donut's Love brand DC Gıda Sanayi ve Tic. gathered under the roof has been one of the leading companies in Turkey between the donut flavors. With the value and vision of this merger, our company continues to produce new flavors and to grow with investments by producing high technology in its production facilities. In the modern facility of DC Food, it produces fresh Donut, Munchkin, Cookie, Muffin, Coffee, Sandwich, Pastry, etc. with Donut's Love and DC Sandwich brands. offers a range of products to suit every taste.

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