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Kadikoy Kizilkayalar Hamburger foundation of the 1970s, although the name of Kızılkayalar Kebap by taking the name from 1978 as a fast and inexpensive cookery understanding of the sector has become the locomotive company. Although Kızılkayalar has a wide range of products in the catering sector, it has now offered its customers a taste that no one can reach, even by offering a completely new flavor to its customers and cooking hamburger sauce in a brand new way to appeal to the Turkish people's taste. After gaining the admiration of the Turkish people, Kızılkayalar, who decided to turn into hamburgers, changed its name to Kızılkayalar Hamburger and registered this name. Production of Turkish people by those who know the taste very well Kızılkayalar The burger is very popular, as well as a hamburger of a Turkish hamburger to catch the attention of foreign hamburger producers, managed to follow. Although big-sized hamburger producers tried to add localized tastes into their products, Kızılkayalar could not catch the success of Hamburger.

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