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Veroniсa - is not only a “patiserii” but a real restaurant with immaculate European and national cuisine. Already for a couple of years respectable and prosperous citizens and guest of our city have been visiting us, since we have the best cookies and the most delicious cuisine. The “plump” menu of the restaurant includes vegetarian dishes, breakfasts, seafood, meat, desserts… Impeccable knowledge of all the details of his profession and usage of modern technologies allow the chef to make gastronomic wonders. Croissants with jam, omelette, pancakes, juices, all fresh prepared for breakfast. Besides national “deruny”, “varenyky” and “borshchok”, chef can suggest French delicacy from Foie gras and his creative usage of Mediterranean products. Vine map contains best French, Italian, Spanish, Australian, Argentinian, North American, SAR and Chilly vines. Dishes are beautifully served and absence of free tables proves restaurants extreme popularity. Distinctive feature - constancy - always delicious! The best service!

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