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Lark Lane has been an area of great character ever since it was first noted in a street directory over 125 years ago. During the 19th century the buildings which now house Maranto's were in use by such diverse occupants as a Chemist, a Plumbers Merchant, Hosier and Wesleyan Mission Chapel. In the first quarter of this century the main restaurant building was put to popular use as a cocoa rooms for local workers and their families. During the same period the Gathering Place site has passed through various hands as a Laundry, Skating Academy and after the Great War, as premises for a Motor Company. A Child Welfare centre and an Antique Dealer occupied the respective buildings during the "Swinging Sixties" and, prior to the refurbishment by Maranto's (1983) the main site was used by a manufacturer of window blinds. Maranto's has now delivered more than twenty five years of excellent food and service, with success of a quarter of a Century behind us we aim to ensure your visit is always enjoyable. Local attractions include Esteban Restaurant opposite and the Sefton Park Palm House.

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