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Paco Cabana, delicious dishes within dreamful surroundings To be in the sun, the feet in the water, under the coconut trees… A dreamed situation which describes the unique atmosphere of the Bar Restaurant Paco Cabana. Ideally located between the village and the sea in the center of Las Terrenas, this place proposes a lounge environment on a splendid seaside terrace. In perfect harmony with the nature, the decoration is ethnical and sober: the pure white and the force of wood constitute the principal elements of the decor. Arranged with weaved resin furniture, the open space offers the choice to sit either on the wood deck or with the feet in the sand. Superb beds are also put at the disposal of the visitors who wish to relax and to enjoy the marine breeze, while sipping one of the various cocktails proposed to the bar. For those who prefer to taste the culinary pleasures, Paco Cabana proposes its fish of the day, as well as a very varied menu of sea food specialties. Lobsters, shrimps, King Crabe (Centollo) are to be enjoyed under the covered part of the restaurant, deliciously decorated with paintings and floated wood, or in the sea front with the feet in the sand. Regarding the international cooking, various finely prepared dishes will also make that the visitors have a delicious meal. And if you are dreaming to appropriate you this unique and paradisiacal place whose fame passes the borders of the Samana peninsula, Paco Cabana is available for renting for private nights, weddings, birthdays and any other special event

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