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in continuation of the Spazio restaurant located in the 77th floor of the Kingdom tower “ way of making things happen” and with the passion for food and the inimitable location ; We at Spazio have just manifested a dazzling growth into not only quality and Panoramic views but also, astonishing new Modern , Calm , relaxed with excellence of service and top notch quality image!! This all emerges from our constant thrive for improvement and innovation, not only has the staff been trained and prepared to be challenged but also our distinctive French Chef has taken the lead in preparing all the exquisite dishes presented to you. Plates are served to taste, but also to enjoy every bite! The various savors and wide range of signature Mediterranean dishes made from the best ingredients and always keeping in mind the authenticity of each flavor ; not forgetting about the astounding Sushi lit Bar in the middle of the lounge, Where you can sit on an Art Deco modern Rococo chair and be served your sushi fresh while you watch the chef prepare you next Crisp Japanese course!! The “sweet tooth” is a total must at Spazio, so if you haven’t been introduced yet to the “Spazio Delights” you are in for a total enchanting experience with the collection of sweets, where Spazio Offers its signature mouth-watering Parisian Macaroons all through delectable millefoglie which you can also order home for a enjoyable sweet treat! The Friday Brunch novel idea of creating your own buffet at your table is a leading concept that has been tailored pecially for those whom enjoy an easy but classy outing on Friday afternoon with their families, still keeping in mind that you are served right at your own table and choosing your own main course from your previously printed menu, which will be full of exiting and creative new dishes every week!! Spazio has taken special care of the Family weekend and has placed all the necessary ingredients to make it a habit for the family to dine together at Spazio Restaurant and lounge. The restaurant setting encourages relaxed conversation and enjoyment of food while the children can spend a lovely time at the children corner with games and face painting. “Spazio at home” , makes it easy to be surprised with the Spazio setting in the comfort of your own home, bringing to your location a wide yet professional range of services, all what is needed to make any event , dinner , celebration or even wedding a memorable day !! Not to mention that if you are passing by Spazio restaurant & Lounge, Dining or simply having a coffee don’t be surprised to find your favorite celebrity or an important politician sitting right beside you enjoying the splendid panoramic views on top of Riyadh !!!

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