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The Jasmine's history The Seal Of Excellence The Jasmine Palace opened its doors on O'Connell Street in Limerick in 1986. Since then, the establishment naturally expanded in size as well as in reputation (the Jasmine Palace regularly takes part in gastronomic events and has been awarded several culinary distinctions, such as the Bushmills Awards for Best Ethnic Restaurant outside Dublin) 26 years and a few restaurants later.. The success of the Jasmine Palace among an ever more discerning public prompted its creators to open an Asian Food Restaurant, Zweton, followed by the hugely succesful Fusion European restaurant, Chocolat, as well as a chain of Chinese Fast Food restaurants, Wokking. More recently, the group's new venue, Marcopolo launched on O'Connell Street in Limerick and caters for all lovers of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Fine dining, sensibly priced All the tastes of Asia The Jasmine Palace's culinary panel constantly aims at creating a menu which expresses all the richness and diversity of the Asian South East. Sourcing their inspiration from the pungent flavors of Szechuan or the lemongrass-perfumed aromas of Thailand, our chefs continuously incorporate their most refined creations to the Jasmine Palace menu. Down-to-earth prices Whilst producing the finest Asian cuisine, it is our mission to provide such standards to our customers at the lowest price: we are working closely with our suppliers on a constant basis to get the freshest ingredients at the best rate.

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