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This is where we don’t take life too seriously and neither should you. Live life to the fullest and fill your belly the same way. Indulge in what will be on your plate or in your glass. Enjoy our friendly service, our bar banter, the music, the whole shebang. We love what we do and we want to do it right. After 4 years of Mystique we decided it was necessary to change and so we did. We closed up shop and rebuilt everything and that is where you are now. An open and colorful retreat in the heart of Amsterdam. As an industry we take a lot from nature and society; with Pigs & Punch we also want to give back. So from every drink and dish we serve we will take a small slice and save up to donate to a local charity every year. So in need of a good foundation for a long night? Just walk in. Are you craving our ribs? You now know where to find some great ones. In need of a drink? The bar is locked and loaded for any drink you might desire. As long as we have the ingredients and the recipe we will be waiting for you downstairs. Just want a cool atmosphere where you can take your friends or that special someone. We got your back! Now would you like a little more class. Ask our bartenders, maybe bribe them, and they might be able to hook you up with a little extra secret

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