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Celebrating its fifth business anniversary in 2017, Diet House is a totally original healthy-eating concept established by Mr. Adel Al Ansari and Mr. Jabr Al Kuwari in 2012. While the notion of diet food is nothing new, shifts in modern lifestyle witnessed our eating habits change. Meals high in fat, sugar, and salt have become so normal that we seem to have lost sight of what’s actually good and beneficial for us. In fact, many of us don’t realize the damaging effect our diet has on our health until we experience the physical repercussions on our bodies. Athletes, in particular, have long recognized the importance of using food as fuel. But when it comes to dining out, athletes can often struggle to find a suitable place that fulfills their nutritional needs while still acquiring a delicious experience. The unhappy consequence of this could see them indulging in one-too-many ‘Cheat Day’ meals, which can have a devastating impact on their gym goals

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