(Cuisine FUSION)

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It is a stylish restaurant providing a comfortable dining area with a very friendly environment. The atmosphere is extremely interesting and enjoyable. It is sectioned and designed in such a way that allows it to have both a fine dining aspect for those looking for a scrumptious meal or for those looking to have a relaxed evening with friends for drinks and shisha. The magnificent open air terrace offers an attractive dining experience with a warm ambiance and a tropical surrounding. Furthermore, a traditional wood burning oven has been made to give you a unique flavorful pizza which reaches a meters length. Be sure to look into our menu which has a wide selection of dishes. For business meetings, birthday parties or just an intimate gathering, our stunning VIP rooms, The Silk Room and The Signature Room, have a sense of chic and elegant environment. From the painting on the wall to the cutleries on the table, its contemporary Italian design reflects history, heritage and luxurious taste of glamour.

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