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Ristorante Rugantino. This Italian restaurant will win you over with its homey atmosphere, simple, but carefully composed menu accompanied by chef’s specialties. Our new restaurant proves we do not compromise. The black and white interior is not austere. It is specifically designed not to distract you from the perfect colors of the fresh ingredients on your plate and brilliant combinations of flavors. Food is much more than calories, it is culture. It is not our aim to be expensive and exclusive. At the same time, we know the price of quality. We do not aspire to have the cheapest menu in the neighborhood. We aspire to have the best menu full of freshness and flavor. We start the day with breakfast, followed by a lunch menu that pleasantly slips into aperitif and quiet dinner. Our wine list is far from short with a large variety of choice. We are located in the center of Prague at Křižovnická 12, a busy street offset by Rugantino’s simple interior, the perfect combination of quiet and exciting. Stop by to unwind and feel great.

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