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IJ-kantine The IJ-kantine is a cheerful and a modern decorated brasserie, situated at the water of the NDSM yard. You are welcome from nine o'clock onwards to drink a cup of coffee. During the day, delicious lunches and dinners will be served. The parking is for free at the IJ-kantine, therefore the brasserie has become a perfect meeting place for business people. But also families with children make use of the comfort of visiting a restaurant by car. The beautiful and spatial building, which is marked by the great number of windows, is also a perfect location for a party or a feast. Moreover, the IJ-kantine has also two private rooms where currently inspirational meetings are being held. These characteristic private rooms are also perfect suitable for private dinners and for having a drink. From every seat in the building you have a spectacular view over the IJ and the harbours of Amsterdam. During the months March until October there is a beautiful terrace situated in front of the IJ-kantine. This terrace is located at the water of the IJ and faces south. Naturally, the view is also spectacular from here and it turns out to be very relaxing to sit here and enjoy the view. In the evening the terrace is decorated with beautiful lamps. It is a nice trip to get to the IJ-kantine from the centre of Amsterdam. You have to take the boat at the rear of the Central Station to the NDSM yard, the boat trip is for free. For the people from Amsterdam it is a perfect way to escape from the rush of the city and enjoy sailing on the IJ.

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