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A dining experience ...the Piccolo Mondo is located in Neu-Westend, close to the exhibition centre. Owners Antonio and Michele Cinque are dedicated to providing combinations of exquisite food and wine to a variety of clienteles, including an extremely loyal following of regular national and international guests. The restaurants mediterranean interior has a very warm an inviting appeal. During summer month the beautiful outdoor terrace is a great meeting place for guests from every part of the city, to enjoy delicious Italian cuisine with a gentle breeze of "Berlin air". The "patron" is always present, and the restaurant staff is an accommodating professional crew. The menu includes -in addition to seasonal cuisine specialities from "Bella Italia" such as mushrooms, asparagus and venison - variations of fresh fish, such as filet of Turbot served with mustard sauce and herbs, Monkfish filled with porcini mushrooms or served with prosciutto di parma and sage. Very popular menu items are the "surprise menus" which include Antipasti, Pasta Seafood or Meat and dessert for Euro 33 or including Seafood and Meat for Euro 44. Don't miss our mouth watering dessert! The wine cellar is stocked with exclusive Italian wines is a treat, offering many options such as Barolo, Brunello, Solaia, and Sassicai. We can bring our delicious Italian creations to your off-site location as well. We cater to all types of events, both formal and informal. Whether you are planning an exclusive party or an important corporate function, the Piccolo Mondo can meet your every need. In addition to providing a menu of unique dishes, we can supply your event with everything from tents up to floral arrangements.

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