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DE: Ristorante Comeback - Genießen Sie italienische Spezialitäten und Gerichte der Saison, sowie Pizze, Nudel- und Risottogerichte. Wir haben einen anspechenden Mittagstisch und alles für ein romantisches Abendessen. EN: The Comeback has a sunny feel to it. Orange walls, grey couches, large mirrors, discreet décor and white serviettes make the place feel very cosy. In the summer why not go outside and relax at one of the brightly coloured tables in the middle of the pedestrian area. The staff are friendly, offer service with a smile and are on the ball. The restaurant offers quality Italian cuisine. The homemade noodle dishes are popular with shoppers and local residents. The risotto, meat and fish dishes also go down well. The restaurant also offers a selection of European wine.

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