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„Da Antonio“ restaurant, located in Vilnius Str. 23, Vilnius are perfectly suitable to official meetings with business partners and colleagues. You can discuss important business questions, enjoy traditional Italian meals and great Italian wines in a cozy and calm environment. There are 50 seats in the restaurant. We have a 12-seater table in the main hall. There is also a small cozy hall seating 14 people. We have double, four-seater and six-seater tables in the restaurant. During the summer season an outdoor cafe is fitted. „Da Antonio“ culinary chef Manfredo Molteni is native of Lombardia Region in Italy which is famous for extraordinary culinary traditions. He deepened his experience in many of Italian restaurants with best Italian cooks one of whom was Gualtiero Marchesi and also worked on probation in other foreign countries improving his culinary skills. Every season Italian cuisine is complemented with new meals. One can find wines from all Italian regions here. Besides many traditional Italian meals, such as pasta, rice, and desserts the culinary chefs of the restaurant network Manfredo Molteni and Dmitrijus Vabenko offer plenty of fresh fish, meat meals and snacks. When creating new meals the culinary virtuosos enjoy combining unusual products and the meals of unimaginable taste are created in this way

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