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When Pascual Ciniglio decided to emigrate in 1920 to Panama to open the Bar La Citta in Verona, he never imagined that he would begin a legacy that has taken four generations. Dona Rafaela, the wife of Don Pascual, began to cook delicious homemade dishes of Italian seasoning to accompany the drinks that were served at the bar. Of all the sons and daughters, Don Julio demonstrated a talent for achieving that Italian seasoning in Panamanian land and decided to demonstrate his gift by opening a restaurant in Santa Ana called Panazone. Such was the Panazone boom that it was said that "Las Americas" met there, as great politicians and businessmen from all over the continent came to eat the delicious Italian dishes of Don Julio. Don Julio and his wife Doña Gemma opened a new restaurant in Obarrio in 1963 called Restaurante de las Américas, known for its homemade Italian menu to eat and take away.   The eldest son, Rafael, following in his father's footsteps, learned from him and became the owner of the establishment in 1968. Rafael traveled to train with the best Italian chefs, but never deviated from the real purpose that his grandfather initiated: Italian home cooking in Panamanian land. While contributing to the legacy, he was instructed in wines and pairing to include his personal touch and contribution to the Ciniglio trajectory.   In 1994, Rafael, together with his wife Lupita opened the Trattoria D'America with its own wine cellar and wine bar La Enoteca. A larger room with a new menu of Chef specialties, personally attended by the Ciniglio.

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