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Today, people are playing it safe in the restaurant business. Everybody thinks “Hey, we know what worked so far, why play with fire?” They don’t try new recipes, what if people don’y like them? They don’t try new combinations, what if people think they are weird? They don’t want to be too bold in designing the place, what if people don’t find it comfortable? But while being careful to play it safe, we loose the most important feeling: the feeling of new. The feeling that gets people out of the house, that makes them explore the city and find new places, new tastes, new combinations. Animaletto is a new place. But it also is a place of new. A place that doesn’t settle for the classic. It reinvents things so people can have a truly unique experience. The best traditional Italian Pizza in a fresh, modern designed place. The homey feeling in a trendy place. The place where you pop in during the day and there is a party. Yeah, why wait for the nigh time. The place where you can dress fancy, but you always act relaxed. The feeling that you can socialise with anyone about anything, even if they look like a fashion editor (that actually might be the case) or a girl that just came back from running. The place where you can try a classic cocktail, but also provoke the bartender to give you “what he likes”. And, by the way, who says you cannot try one at lunch time. Come on, live a little. So pay us a visit to have a taste of the Animaletto experience. But we warn you, you might get addicted.

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