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Delicious Food Company was formed during the year 1997 and it’s owned by Sheikh Fahad Zahid and Dr.Abdurahman Abbar. Delico (Delicious Food Company) started its first Italian restaurant managed by ''Trattoria Da Lallo" in September 1997 for the members of the Italian Cultural Center under the auspices of the Italian consulate in Jeddah. In May 1999, Delico set up their first fresh pasta factory, by importing equipments and machinery and the technical expertise from Italy to produce authentic Italian pasta in Saudi Arabia. Our daily production of fresh pasta daily is sold to five star hotels and restaurants in Jeddah. We are producing more than 100 types of fresh flavored pasta in our factory. We are using the same fresh pasta in our "Lallo" restaurant’s to give the taste of homemade pasta to our valued customers. Our food is the best in town and friendly valet service will ensure. Our restaurant is open for business 7 days a week for dinner & lunch and has been around for thirteen wonderful years. As the demand for fresh Italian pasta grew, Delico opened their retail outlets in supermarkets - star superstores, Jamjoom Center, Danube in Herra and Danube Tahliya for the customers to enjoy the taste of home made fresh pasta with their choice of taste and flavors. Now Delico is shortly going to open one more "Lallo" restaurant in its chain will be located at King Road Soon insha Allah. The brand name "Lallo" for all our products has been selected and the logo has been commercially registered in order to market more and more food products and delicacies from Italy. Delicious Food Company is already in the advanced stages of discussion to introduce Italian delicacies from Italy under the brand name "Lallo" for marketing in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East countries.

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