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By the very bank of the Danube, Toro Grill Restaurant seduces you from the moment you see it. Warm, stylish and intimate atmosphere is just a prelude for the experience you will wish to repeat again. Our main idea is simple – short menu of meals made from premium ingredients. The intention of the restaurant owner is to give you the most memorable experiences from Italy - the country he lived in for a long time and where he enjoyed the hospitality of many restaurants. In order to do that, he ensured the supply of fresh ingredients from local suppliers going from farm to farm by himself. Our beef and lamb are produced on a farm at Pešter plateau. Our cheese, mangalitza (authentic low-cholesterol pork meat), prosciutto and kulen are from Srem region farms. All desserts as well as hot and aromatic bread are prepared daily in our kitchen. Of course, what is a meal without wine? We recommend our extensive list of excellent wines! For local wines look at the menu while for the premium selection ask for a special, luxury wine list. Our waiters will guide you to the wine that best accompanies the food you have chosen. But, the thing we are the most proud of and what differentiates us from other steakhouses in the city is special Scottish beef imported exclusively for our restaurant. So special, we dedicate the whole page just to the Scottish beef! Welcome!

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