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Situated in Mayfair, Cecconi’s is a modern day classic Italian restaurant open to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. Originating in Venice and with outposts in West Hollywood and Miami, Cecconi’s has become a critically acclaimed dining destination featuring simply prepared Venetian inspired food. History of Cecconi's Cecconi’s Beginnings Enzo Cecconi – the youngest ever general manager of the famous Cipriani restaurant in Venice – came to London in 1978 and opened Cecconi’s. It became an overnight success and in the 80s it was a Mecca for the rich and the royal (one lunchtime, during Ascot week, one waiter remembers serving members of four different royal families on four different tables). Cecconi’s comes to London For the first time the Londoners had a chance to try fresh pasta, beef carpaccio, tiramisu, rocket, or Bellini cocktails. Enzo Cecconi believed in spectacular food and spectacular service. He brought theatre in to the restaurant, finishing guests’ dishes in front of their eyes and showing them the magic of the food, which until that point had been kept behind the closed doors of the kitchen. Cecconi’s & Soho House In 1999, after 21 years under the ownership of Enzo Cecconi, Cecconi’s closed. A year later Hani Farsi took over the restaurant and refurbished it completely. In February 2004 it reopened under joint management with Nick Jones of Soho House as a partner. In January 2005 Soho House took full ownership. In July 2005 Cecconi’s closed for two months to undergo a complete refurbishment taking the restaurant back to its Venetian roots. The space was redesigned by Ilse Crawford (Soho House London and New York and Babington House). Simone Serafini is head chef and Giacomo Maccioni, who has been at Cecconi’s since 1990, continues to look after the restaurant as manager.

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