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If you are planning to visit Greece on business or pleasure we have a very interesting proposition for you: Our restaurant is located in the picturesque neighbourhood of Plaka, right under the Acropolis. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner right before or after your visit to the Parthenon, the museums and the nearest archaeological sites combining it with a wonderful stroll in the picturesque neighbourhood of Plaka. In our restaurant it works as follows: We bring to your table a large tray with 18-20 different Greek specialities (meat, seafood, fish, vegetarian dishes, salads), you see them, we explain what these dishes are in case you are unfamiliar with them and you keep whatever you like. Prices are between 3 and 7€ per dish. For groups there are special menus: For every 4 persons you can choose 10 out of the 18 dishes offered,

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