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The restaurant of the Corfu Sailing Club is located inside the old fortress and has been operating since 2004. Over these years, it has established itself among the top choices of both locals and visitors to the island.Mediterranean and Greek dishes, seafood and fresh fish combined with an amazing location indisputably constitute an exceptional proposal for a meal.The Sailing Club's restaurant is located inside the old fortress of Corfu town, in the center of the city. The old fortress was built by the Venetians on top of the Byzantine buildings of the medieval city.On the north side of the fortress, an old stone-paved street leads you to the harbor of the medieval city of Mandraki, which was the first port of Corfu. The restaurant of the Sailing Club stands there, in a truly idyllic location next to the sea, combining taste and history in a unique way, in an environment that is unlikely to leave you unmoved.

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