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A new entry in city‘s gastronomy is the restaurant ‘’To Manitari’’. Its owner, Giannis Ziaggas, a Greek cuisine lover and pretentious of the quality to excellent services, wanted to create for Thessaloniki’s residents, and not only, this special place. Its shinny sitting place, the elaborate decorations and the different touches on furniture’s and ornamentals, makes it a modern restaurant witch addressed to the good cuisine lovers. In the place we can distinguish wired lights on the roof, monastery type of tables and comfortable couches. The light colors around create the perfect environment for dinning. The menu which creates the consultant chef Dimitris Pamporis, awarded with the ‘’Gold Bonnets’’, stands to the mix and much of raw materials, brought from all over the Greece. The talented Nikos Malamatas, is the one that prepares all those good tastes of the new age cuisine. The friendly prices it’s also good to be reported, both in the plates and the wines, through a choice of a wine list mostly from the Greek vineyard. A chill out music will help you to enjoy a perfect meal.

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