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Taverna Dionysos welcomes you to the beautiful island of Skiathos. The restaurant is situated in a small side-street opposite the national bank in Papadiamantis Street.Dionysos was the name of ancient god of wine, at ancient times god Dionysos was a synonum of winery and symposium. We invite our diners to enjoy their meal in our beautiful perfumed garden or in our air conditioned lounge.We provide international plates and Greek traditional cuisine.We welcome reservations for wedding receptions, parties and christenings. Please accept our invitation to enjoy a mean to remember in a beautiful surroundings and service you will never forget.Taverna Dionysos is a family run restaurant specializing in traditional Greek cookery as well as an exciting range of international dishes. At Dionysos we also provide our popular set menu offering three courses for one price.

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