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The restaurant offers dining and entertainment experience that excites the senses in an elegant and vibrant ambiance combining the traditional gastronomy with the latest international dishes. The mood in the evenings is enhanced by one of the best musical bands. Our guests will receive an excellent service and a delectable menu in the heart of the Libyan capital. Ghazalet Afriqia Restaurant is also a distinctive destination for family occasions - weddings, birthday parties - official and business dinners and group events complete with our event planning staff at our guests' disposal. On personal request we can organize your family or business party ensuring high-quality service and an enjoyable dining experience. Ghazalet Afriqia Restaurant staffs are dedicated to offering our guests a wonderful dining experience based on the quality of our ingredients, our cuisine and our very caring approach to personalized service. Our aim is to make your dining experience unforgettable one. The restaurant is located on the heart of the city, in the middle of the economic & finance city center. Ghazalet Afriqia Restaurant in Aldhahra area is definitely the best restaurant in Tripoli with middle-eastern cuisine. Since its opening in 1992, Ghazalet Afriqia Restaurant has been a favorite of people of Tripoli and visitors alike. Ghazalet Afriqia Restaurant manager have received an Italian award for the best soup, as a result of the ingenious mixture of tradition, knowledge and artistry that its owner brings to his restaurant. Description , • Location: Aldhahra – Tripoli. • Group series: Western style restaurant. • Inauguration: was at April 1992. • Features: it is situated in the heart of the city, with a classic facade and modern decoration, not only does it offer a fantastic Mediterranean dinner, but also an entertaining evening program. • Specialty: providing western and eastern meals. • Seating Capacity: 110. • Reservations: Suggested • Parking: yes • Hours: 11am-12pm •Our aim is to make your dining experience unforgettable one. •Find the Best Plates and Dishes in Athar Restaurant. •For a group of 5 or more: Please contact us if you would like help to seat a group of 5 or more for lunch.

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