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The Toros Mountains rise at the western-most range of the Great Himalayas. The Turkish section of this mountain range, which follows the southern border of Anatolia, is rugged, magnificent and most difficult to climb. Renowned for their unique geology, the Toros Mountains are home to a beautiful array of rock formations and waterfalls. Born out of the erosion of limestone is a fascinating topography complete with underground rivers and caverns that collect the colorful water. Turkey is known for an abundance and diversity of foods and flavors because of its rich flora, fauna and regional differentiation. Turkish cuisine is considered to be at the crossroads between Far East and Mediterranean which translates to a robust selection of dishes that combine grilled meats, seafood, dairy, vegetables and grains at its very core. With our proud heritage at hand, our dishes come together in a feast for your eyes and palate. Here at Toros Restaurant, we combine the best of our native cuisine to create a menu rich in tradition. From our homeland to your plate, we bring you a wonderful assortment of dishes prepared from family recipes that have been pleasing palates for centuries. The foundation of our food is bread made of wheat flour including ekmek, pide, simit and manti. Grains are equally important, and you will find that bulgur and pilav are staples of the Toros kitchen. Kebabs are yet another favorite, dating back to the time when Turks first learned to cook over open campfires. Turkish cuisine is a delight to behold. We invite you to indulge and enjoy... from our family to yours.

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