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Indian restaurant Kohinoor, offering authentic Indian cuisine, conveniently situated in the very center of Sofia, Bulgaria near the Five corners - at 3 Han Asparouh Street. Our restaurant is suitable for romantic dates, friends and family reunions, as well as for business meetings or for the exotic lovers. Stand out and impress your friends by taking them into the exotic world of the Indian food. Come and experience the exotic character of India and enjoy an unforgettable excitement that will carry you in the Far East country of spices and exotic tastes in harmony with the healthy Indian cuisine. No matter whether you like soft and delicate dishes with shading flavours, peppery food or vegetarian food Indian restaurant Kohinoor will satisfy each and every expectation you might have. You can try our varied and delicious lunch menu, daily prepared, in the company of your colleagues, friends or business partners in the cosy atmosphere of restaurant Kohinoor. Our Indian Master-chefs wishes you good appetite! The restaurant is in the very center of Sofia, in a quiet street, which offers undisturbed and pleasant experience for our clients and at the same time restaurant Kohinoor is about 200 meters away from one of the most important junctures in Sofia The Five corners, marked by good transport connections. You can enjoy wide selection Indian dishes, qualitative wines, selected by leading sommeliers. The name Kohinoor (translated from Hindi "mountain of light") is the name of 105 carat diamond, which has been the biggest diamond in the world known to people for thousands of years. It has been found in Golkonda in the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India and it had belonged to different Indian and Persian kings that had been fighting over the centuries in order to possess the diamond. Subsequently the diamond Kohinoor becomes property of Crown of the United Kingdom and now it is a part of the royal crown. There is a dispute over the age of the diamond. According to some sources it was found 3200 years BC, and according to others 5000 years BC. Until 300 years ago the only source of diamonds was Golkonda and then diamond deposits in Brazil were found. We sincerely hope that the Indian restaurant Kohinoor will become a jewel of the authentic Indian cuisine in the very center of Sofia. India is one of the largest and most populated countries in the world, therefore there is not only one kind of Indian cuisine but it generally can be divided to North, South, East and West. Although that there are lots of common characteristics between different kinds of the Indian cuisine, each region has its own regional specialties and peculiarities. The different typical Indian spices has been grown in India for five thousand years and they were carried to Europe much later. Now the Indian cuisine enjoys greater and greater interest all over the world, especially in Great Britain, where according to the latest researches, the most favourite dish of all British is the Chicken Tikka Masala, which left behind even the local dishes such as fish and chips. Adding the fact that the Indian food is typically healthful, prepared with a great number of dietetic and healthful products, it is not a wonder that in our world, rapidly developing, when people eat mainly semi-manufactured goods, the Indian food is more and more popular. The vegetarian dishes are very popular in the Indian cuisine, considering that 30% of the population in India is vegetarian. That’s why vegetarians all over the world prefer Indian cuisine with its great diversity of dishes.

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