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Tannoureen is a place that lies somewhere between myth and reality. Deep in the Lebanese countryside lies a quaint village of rugged stone houses overlooking a rolling landscape of lush pine forests and gentle waterfalls. Here in the houses, friends and family gather, partners in happy times and few sorrowful ones, constants in the changing face of the village. Despite the many changes, the food has remained the same, much of it still grown and harvested on the farm. It is part of the Mediterranean diet. It is part of the Mediterranean folklore. Tannoureen shares with other Mediterranean villages the philosophy that good food, skillfully prepared, garnished with a little more than fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil, and shared around a table with friends and relatives, is not only good for the body, it is good for the soul: nourishing to the body because it is wholesome, and to the soul because it tastes so very good. It is a philosophy that gives a real sense that eating is a social act, a way of communicating or expressing togetherness.

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