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Kentpark AVM / Ankara Cemilusta serving the taste of the Black Sea people for 44 years with its Akçaabat Meatball and Fish varieties. Furthermore, the product range is one of the pioneers of the leading companies that have proven themselves with the brand value in the region without changing the quality with the service concept. 100% domestic capital with a strong power in the regions where the power of attraction is a business. Currently, it has 4 branches in Trabzon and 1 in Istanbul and 1 branch in Istanbul . Meat and Meat Products in Turkey also sells frozen products marketing network formed in general. Istanbul Region, especially with a large number of dealers to deliver their products to customers.in tpeakcaabatkofakcaabatkoftebut Cemilus in Akçaabat Meatballs, Chicken Shish and present their products in a short time the restaurant chain expanding in Turkey with all kinds of fish grilled with its customers target was acquired.

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