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Köfteci Yusuf A.Ş was founded in 1996 in İznik. Köfteci showing operating in Turkey for more than 22 years, Joseph's Largest Meatball Factory Inc Turkey has the title of European standards. Köfteci Yusuf 13 in Bursa, 8 in Istanbul, 7 in Izmir, 4 in Ankara, 3 in Aydin, 3 in Kocaeli, 2 in Bilecik, 2 in Eskisehir, 2 in Balikesir, Denizli, Isparta In Kirikkale, Sakarya and Yalova. KÖFTECİ YUSUF, 37 branches in our branch, you can reach our rotating and grilled flavor at our 5 branches in 3 different locations.

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