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Olin In 1973 I took my first step into my profession with my apprenticeship at my grandfather's meatball shop. In 1983, I took over Alaattin Usta's small and charming business and started my business life. I realized that this cute business was not enough for me and I couldn't answer the demands because my goals were big. In 1990, I started my new business in Yediyolağzı area opposite Selimiye Mosque in Edirne. After 12 years of service, I thought it was insufficient for me in this business and we started our business on the Alipaşa Ortakapı street in Edirne. In 2005, Prof.Dr. Dr. After the visit of Artun Ünsal, we took the first step in the promotion of Edirne liver in the national press and continued the promotion of Edirne liver in national and international hotels and fairs in newspapers. In the final night of the Popstar Alaturka program, which was broadcast on 31.12.2007, Edirne grasped with the beautiful comments made after the presentation of precious jury members Bülent Ersoy, Orhan Gencebay, Ebru Gündeş, Armağan Çağlayan and program producer Osman Tan Erkır.

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