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Atrium AVM We created the Backhaus in 2004, inspired by the bakery and sugar house in the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Backhaus means the German ”Bakery House Back. As of 2014, 6 of our 9 branches serve as bakery-cafes and 3 of them are furnace-restaurants. In order to maintain our superior product and service quality standards, we have not responded positively to any dealership request, we operate all our branches. We are a modern and delicious cakes at the same time although Turkey's most innovative oven. You can find many modern and wide variety of flavors from breads to cakes, from dry cakes to cakes and from macarons. There are more than 100 R & D teams suppliering us in Germany behind the quality, variety and unique tastes of our products. Our team of dieters, especially rye, oats, whole grains and enriched with different seeds in our rich variety of fiber bread dieticians and doctors recommends for healthy eating.

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