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Hidiv Kasri restaurants welcomes its guests with a wide variety of dishes. Near the Hıdiv Pavilion, where the chickpeas walk and the squirrels walk around in the surrounding woods, the rose gardens stand out. The moon-shaped Hıdiv Crown Flag was placed on the door of the vault, which was in the form of a castle. There are golden gilded flower figures at the outside door entrance. Hıdiv Kasrı is decorated with Neo-Classical, Neo-Islam and Neo-Ottoman elements. The restaurant, located in Hıdiv Kasri, is open until 23:00 at night and there is no parking problem for those arriving by private vehicles. Traditional Ottoman-Turkish cuisine is served at this restaurant. Alcohol is not served in the restaurant. However, drinks such as carob sherbet, pomegranate sherbet and tamarind sherbet can be drunk. The coffee presentation in this restaurant is also special.

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