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The Market Bosphorus houses unique flavors in addition to the marvelous view of the Bosporus with the trending world kitchen concept “Steak House”. With its first-time-in-the-world charcuterie service for yachts on the Bosporus, the pearl of Istanbul, The Market Bosphorus brings a lot of flavors from around the world together and creates a difference in minds and unforgettable tastes in palates. Stands out with a Modern design, The Market aims for enjoyable ours for its guests with different cooking and presentation techniques. The Market designed by famous architect Mahmut Anlar who is known for his modern, minimalist and enjoyable design aspects which offers an open kitchen concept to great guests with its rich menu from the entrance of the place. Designed with plain geometrical forms, The Market has an industrial feeling thanks to raw materials that used in interfaces.

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