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Nanna, where different concepts are presented together, we invite you to Nanna Restauranta in an elite environment and if you want to experience the difference of privilege with our professional staff. Nanna Restaurant, which is integrated with the unique view of the islands and blue, is known for being the most trendy place on the Anatolian side. Nanna Restaurant, which consists of 3 floors, offers you the pleasure of having fun with its local and live music program. Our restaurant, which hosts 60 people on the terrace floor and 150 people in the middle floor, we offer you the special tastes of the world cuisine in our hall where we can accommodate about 400 people with our summer garden in the summer. Or every Sunday between 10: 00-14: 00 open buffet with the unique flavors of the brunch enjoy doing what do you say? Cheese Tray, delicatessen section, pastries, trenches, pastries, egg varieties, sweet corner is just a few examples of our buffet, .A panoramic view of the place to accompany your brunch pleasure will gain a different dimension P.

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