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LT: Mus iedvesmo personība, konditors, meistars, cukurbeķeris. Aleksandrs Dabre vins mēdza teikt: "... viss skaistais ir vienkarss: paris veiklu rokas vilcienu, üro torte gatava - var iztikt bez liekiem krēmu kalniem .." Mes ari esam par - skaisto, vienkāršo üro dabīgo. EN: This excellent bakery is located on Brīvības Street, not far from city centre, but hidden from most views, because the entrance is from Stabu St. The pastry chef had worked in the posh Biblioteka No.1 restaurant and gained recognition in the popular TV competition Cake Wars. We offer traditional cakes known by every Latvian, like meduskūka (honey cake), biezpienmaize (cheesecake made from quark) and Napoleon/kremschnitt, as well as meringue-based desserts, like Pavlova, and others. The interior is made of reclaimed wood tables, midcentury chairs and an antique cupboard that a typical Latvian grandmother had in 1930s.

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