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Our story, which started in Rize Camlihemsin, is on its way to Izmir in the 1960s. Our patisseries established under the name of Ufuk and Meram; Halil, Suleyman, Osman and Huseyin brothers bring unforgettable flavors to Izmir with their selfless work. They are moving towards Bursa with the desire to deliver quality and delicious products to more people. The brothers who opened their first patisseries in Bursa Altiparmak district in the 1970s reflect their ties to the sea in the name of the newly opened patisserie and call it RIHTIM. Çekirge is expanding its service network with Uludağ University without compromising on quality and taste in a short time. Then, second generation Ali, Umit and Omur Ozlem Genc brothers come to your side with Uludag University, Besevler, Ihsaniye and Camlik branches. Don't worry about what's out there anymore, because we set out to bring them to you. "We are waiting to add new, different and unforgettable flavors to your pleasant conversations with your friends ..." Our quality policy... - Continuity in Quality - Importance of cleaning and hygiene - Customer happiness - Quality raw material - Reliability - Professional staff - Continuous improvement

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