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Alsancak As Sevinç Pastanesi, which has become the symbol of İzmir with its presence since 1 957, is worthy of our brand value and in an approach focused on customer satisfaction; Our products are produced in accordance with the principles of hygiene completely, always fresh and delicious, using only sugar beet sugar produced, with the service of our qualified and friendly staff by presenting to you; We strive to keep your satisfaction and trust at the highest level with our quality and innovative products and services. Every morning, together with the first lights of the day, we enjoy the pleasure of saying a good morning with our freshly baked pastry, opening, bagels and rose pastries. “Classic Joy Breakfast” and “Simit Sevinci” are the other delicacies we offer you at the beginning of the day. We are excited to offer you the pleasure of taste with our salads, sandwiches and pancakes all day long .

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