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RU: Ginza Project представляет новый стандарт fast food — fast&good! OBEDBUFET создан, чтобы доказать: ваш обеденный перерыв может быть одновременно недорогим, разнообразным и, конечно, вкусным! Ресторан OBEDBUFET — это первое заведение подобного формата для Ginza Project и первое место в Петербурге, где можно попробовать блюда по лучшим рецептам, проверенным годами во множестве ресторанов холдинга. EN: The Ginza Project presents a new standard for fast food - fast & good! The OBEDBUFET restaurant was created to prove that your lunch break can be affordable, diverse, and of course, delicious altogether! The OBEDBUFET restaurant - is the first of its kind within the Ginza Project and the first place in St. Petersburg, where you can try the best recipes, proven over the years at the variety of the group’s restaurants. Having improved the concept of fast food, we did not forget about standards of food quality. We care about your health: in addition to hot dishes, salads, soups, Italian and Asian cuisine, you can take home such treats as homemade yogurts, juices, salads and hummus from the food court. There is an option of combining meals to your choice at the restaurant. Choose a side dish, a main course or a salad at a fixed price per hundred grams. Brand-chef of the new restaurant, Alexander Belkovich, designed the menu to suit all tastes: the OBEDBUFET has more than three hundred fifty popular dishes from all over the world, as well as dozens of original recipes, on its menu. Every day, your lunch will be different. Today you could be a fan of Asian and opt for wok noodles with chicken, but tomorrow you may turn to Europe with its light minestrone soup. There’s also room for the traditional: the "Russian" Olivier salad with Pozharsky cutlets, American hot dogs and burgers, Italian pizzas and Hungarian goulash. And for dessert - famous Austrian chocolate "Sacher" cake or New York-style candy apple. The interiors of the OBEDBUFET restaurant were craftily developed by the G-Sign creative laboratory. Combining warm wooden surface with stone, using multiple light sources and diverse items from around the world, designers have made the place genuinely cozy and friendly. And for those who are in a hurry, the restaurant can always put the food into a box.

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