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Moylos Burgers was founded in 2014 by a local Dubai based family. Situated on Jumeirah Road, just down the road from Sunset Mall and a few kilometres away from Kite Beach. The concept was simply to create a relaxed environment where friends and family could gather and be served excellent quality, freshly cooked, Gourmet burgers with our signature Moylo’s Sauces, fries, onion rings and served the best homemade milkshakes around. After years of fine tuning, Ismail perfected the Moylo’s sauce and began to sell it to friends and family. The demand became so great that the only thing to do next was to open a burger joint. Inspired by the burger joint culture of New York and London, Ismail and Jamal Al Sharif created Moylo’s Restaurant. We now serve over 2000 customers a week in a restaurant that sits 20 people at a time.

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