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La Casa restaurant is the result of a wide family heritage and also a dream came true. In this private owned restaurant since 1995, we combine the wisdom of my dear grandma María Sánchez, the enterprising spirit of Silvia Cardoso, my mother, and the knowledge of my father, Manuel Robaina about the rich and complex world of gastronomy. It’s been more than 15 years since the day we opened to the public in our Californian stylish house, built in the 1950’s. Our desire was to become a family restaurant, where guests could enjoy the authentic Cuban food, cooked in our kitchen following the recipes for Cuban food, among those a large number of our family heritage recipes. My sister Karina and I, along with other family members and a group of good fellows, have continued the culinary tradition of the family, enriched with the inclusion of new offers in our menu, such as Spanish tapas, Italian pastas, Japanese sushi, French pastry, and a wide range of international meals. Through all this time we have been visited by Cuban and foreign personalities, like Diego Armando Maradona; Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta; Panama’s former President Mr. Martín Torrijos; the American actor Matt Dillon; and Cuban intellectual Miguel Barnet, among many others. All of them have enjoyed for sure the authentic Cuban recipes and in general, the specialties of foreign kitchen. With this blog we look forward to keep you all informed about the happenings at La Casa restaurant, and also to share with friends the best Cuban recipes, advices on easy cooking, and other tips about house cooking. You are all welcome. Bon appétit! You can find us at: Calle 30 #865 e/ 26 y 41. Nuevo Vedado. La Habana. Cuba

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