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This is Al Capone's house that has been converted to a restaurant I was recently in Varadero for a little down time. Wishing for peace, quiet, and a little taste of the old Varadero, I chose to stay in one of the grand old beach houses of Punta Blanca. My second neighbor to the left turned out to be an apparently well-known restaurant called ‘La Casa de Al’. During my many walks on the beach and by the canal, I kept passing by, and I must say I felt a strong attraction towards the place because of its both imposing and airy design. Entirely built of coral stone, it kept reminding me of Fortress Geronimo, a coral stone fort on the Caribbean side of Panama. Coral stone is quite striking, and is said to be as tough as granite, as light as pumice, and can be cut with a saw. The concept of using coral as building material somehow resonates profoundly in me.

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