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The Lotus Restaurant is located beside the infinity pool and open to the sea breezes and sweeping views of the ocean. Cuisine is prepared by our private chef, Josue Romero, featuring local foods and fresh seafood. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and are happy to fulfill your special requests and special needs. We are happy to prepare for vegetarians, gluten free and any other special dietary needs. Enjoy our beach barbecues, lobster bakes, sushi and special meals beside a bonfire on the beach. We strive to make your dining an exceptional and delicious experience. The Lotus bar is a great place to watch the breathtaking sunsets, enjoy music and meet other guests. We offer local beers, tropical and specialty drinks. Within a beautiful covered outdoor setting, our meals are served by a friendly staff and crafted by an inspired chef. Xbalanque quickly becoming the Roatan Foodie Destination to enjoy creative, delicious and artistic food. At the end of an action filled day, relax and enjoy an evening at The Lotus, tasting gourmet food at its finest. Escape from the ordinary. Our menus are prepared seasonally to use the freshest local fish, fruit and produce. We grow much of our own produce at our farm here in Roatan at Brasil Hill. We now grow and roast our own coffee beans. Desserts are among Josue’s specialties and he creates a new one daily. For special requests or additional information feel free contact us.

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