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Travel down the beautiful palm tree lined Amador Causeway… along the Panama Canal… through Isla Naos… Isla Perico… all the way to the end of Isla Flamenco. There you will find the gourmet dining treasure of Panama……… X marks the spot at Bucanero's. Over the centuries, scores of conquistadors, pirates, and buccaneers have sailed the beautiful waters of Panama Bay and the Pearl Islands seeking treasure. Today, Bucanero´s continues the tradition by bringing you the truely fresh treasures of the Pacific and Caribbean. Lobster, giant crab, colossal prawns, fish, clams, calamari, scallops, and octopus all make for a world class seafood restaurant. Imported U.S. prime beef and local farm raised pork, beef, and chicken of excellent quality make for the best of both worlds. Experience the treasures of both the land and sea. At Bucanero´s there is something special for everyone. A gourmet dining experience awaits you.

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