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At the end of our journey as Kenton 70, Turkey's dust began with the vision of being the first global brand in the category of dessert and cooking aids. Believing in the strength of perseverance and continuous development, Kenton continues to make us happy with the successes it has achieved as a brand entering millions of cuisines in many countries. Starting with the slogan of the Summit of Taste , Kenton has always succeeded with the tastes tailored to the Turkish taste, and succeeded in gaining the trust of consumers, as in the Trust in the Kitchen for Myself slogan. The Kenton logo has been updated from time to time with its innovative vision that is open to continuous development. In our current logo, the bowl on the gold color emphasizes Kenton's expertise on dessert and the presentation of a stylish and craftsman. The blue color in our logo has guided our trust, dignity, loyalty and our perception of success. The reason for the use of small letters is to express our close, friendly and friendly approach. It is aimed to give an ellipse shape and a social and unifying message in our logo.

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